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What Do Most Weight-Loss Plans Have In Common?

Diets, slimming pills, fasting, weight-loss clubs, calorie counting, and even surgery, all try to 'force' weight-loss on people unnaturally,

from the OUTSIDE

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'Inner Change' Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy works by helping you change your mind-set about yourself, about food and about eating, in the ONLY effective

long-term way; from the INSIDE

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Losing Weight Starts In The Mind..


Yes, counting the calories we eat and keeping tabs of the ones we burn off is important, but what actually causes us to crave the things we crave and what motivates us to engage in activities to burn off some of those calories, all begins in your mind; On the Inside.


One of the most common things people say to me when they’re explaining details of their poor eating patterns is, “I know what I’m doing, I just can’t stop myself from doing it, then I feel terrible afterwards”.

One of the reasons that many of us experience this, is because those behaviours and cravings that caused us to become overweight and keep us there, are long-standing, deep-seated and well-reinforced patterns.


Inner Change Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy works by helping you to gain the control and the discipline to make the choices and take the actions that you really want to.


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