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"For me, this hasn't just been about losing weight. Before I knew Tony I had zero will power and NO energy. In my mind I knew that was one of the reasons my weight had been steadily creeping up, but it was so frustrating as I felt completely unable to do anything about it. Tony has helped me change things almost instantly and I have to admit, I was worried that the effects would wear off. But here I am, 5 months on still feeling so motivated and ALIVE again." - Caroline T



"It feels very strange writing this, but I can honestly say that I haven't touched anything sweet since being introduced to you. WIERD!!! Even tea without sugar tastes sweet now!!!!  To use your phrase, I know I've got a 'journey' ahead of me but for the first time in many many years, I feel completely in control. Thank you so much Tony" - Charlotte G



"Hi Tony. Hope you are well. Hope you had a lovely Christmas ! Just letting you know I am now 9 weeks panic attack free :) x" - Katie D

"I just wanted to say "thank you" again for all your ongoing help and support. I don't think I've ever felt this good about myself and you were right when you said "confidence comes with control". I'm feeling completely in control of my eating now and my confidence has gone through the roof. I can't thank you enough Tony" - Steven P



"My husband can’t believe it, I was always snacking on rubbish – It’s been 7 weeks now and I still haven’t even been tempted…” - Denise S



“After years of struggling with diets, I feel like ME again" - Margaret M



“I’m amazed at how my portion sizes have slashed, and what I really love, is that I don’t feel I need to ‘clear my plate’ any more..”- Steve W



“I couldn’t believe it, my sweet-tooth disappeared overnight..” - Sue D



“I hated shopping for clothes when I was big. Now I treat myself every week! Love it!” - Claire R



“Tony, I can’t thank you enough. I've reached the 3 stone target that we set and this is the first time I've been under 10 stone for over 20 years!!!!!! Thank you again so much for everything you've done for me. Sharon x" - Sharon E



“I contacted Tony for help with weight loss after doing a lot of research on the internet. From the first meeting I noticed immediate changes to the choices I made at mealtimes. The results in just two weeks have been amazing! I have lost half a stone in the first two weeks without feeling I am on any type of diet. This is after a lifetime of yoyo dieting up and down the scales. I no longer need to count points or calories. I am now confident that I can make the right choices in the future. It is like a weight (!!!) lifted from my shoulders. I can't thank Tony enough for the difference this has made to my day to day life! I now drink plenty of water, I'm aware of my portions and I exercise daily (with enthusiasm – it’s not a chore anymore. I look forward to Zumba classes and daily walks). If you really want to lose weight then make that call”. - Linda C



“Thank you so much Tony for helping me to break free from a cycle of weight loss nightmares ! The hypnosis sessions were fantastic and you really put me at ease from the very start! It was amazing to see the immediate results in wanting to drink more water and not wanting to eat cakes and chocolate! You have not only set me on a journey of weight loss but you have also helped me to gain the confidence to change many things in my life! I would highly recommend any one to do this! Your work is fantastic ! Thank you !” - Laura M



“I thought that I should thank you for the help you gave and continue to give through your C.D's.

I have lost two stone and seven pounds, but the most important is my blood pressure has gone from 145/95 to 118/65. My blood pressure was the reason I wanted to lose weight. Anyway thanks again”. - Mary G



"I was recommended to contact Tony by my sisters friend who lost over 3 stone with his help last year. I would not have done this otherwise, as I was petrified about hypnosis.  The first thing I want to say is that I've never felt so relaxed and at ease speaking to a complete stranger. He explained all about hypnosis and took the trouble to spend time finding out all about my problem eating areas. The second thing is that, even though I had an idea what to expect from my sisters friend, the hypnosis sessions are one of the most wonderful and surprising experiences I can remember. So relaxing!!!!  As of today, I stepped on the scales and have reached 2 stone which means I'm half way there which I'm delighted about, especially since we've had Christmas in between. I would strongly recommend anyone to contact Tony if they are struggling with their weight like I was. I feel like I've got my life back. Thank you again Tony" - Judith W




“3 weeks since starting my sessions and I have already lost a stone in weight. My addiction to chocolate and all things sweet seems to have vanished which has delighted me more than my weight loss. I am now capable of leaving food on my plate when I am full and I don't constantly think of my next meal. I am truly pleased with the results of my hypnosis. I would certainly recommend Tony and wish I had contacted him sooner" - Marita N



“Had hypnosis sessions with Tony and it’s made a huge difference to my thoughts around food, I would recommend Hypnosis to anyone who wants help in achieving anything” - Judith M



“After years of dieting and going to slimming world and weight watchers, I always managed to let the weight creep back on after I had stopped going. I wanted something that would help me lose weight once and for all and keep it off!! I noticed an article in the local newspaper about weight loss hypnosis and thought I would give it a go. The hypnosis sessions themselves are very relaxing and I remember everything about them - not scary at all!! .. It's now 4 weeks since I started and I am half a stone lighter .I have not eaten any chocolate or cakes since and that is because I simply just don't want them (before the hypnosis I would eat chocolate for breakfast, dinner and tea) I don't feel like I have been on a diet but the weight is still coming off. Thank you Tony for helping me change my eating habits for good !!!" - Jenny A



“I had hypnosis to lose weight having tried everything else with no success as I have a thyroid problem. From the first hypnosis session I have found that I am starting to lose weight steadily and so very easily without any effort at all; would recommend Tony Schofield to anybody”. - Carol H



“I didn't know what to expect, I was very nervous, but I would tell anyone to just go ahead with treatment. Tony Schofield is an excellent Hypnotherapist and I am at last losing weight and my Diabetes control has improved greatly thanks to Tony. I feel very differently about food now”. - Carol C



“It was good speaking with you on Thursday Tony, and quite liberating too. Thank you for the chocolate blog. You talk such sense. (but you know that!) By the way, my insides are swishing around in all the water I've drunk today!” - Bernadette P



“After battling with my weight for the last 15 yrs or more, my health was suffering. I chose hypnotherapy rather than invasive surgery to provide a long term solution. Tony Schofield was recommended to me and the results have been excellent and I have a new found confidence and desire to succeed. I am now lighter than I've been in the last 8yrs. I have absolutely no problem in recommending Tony's skills to anyone considering hypnosis as a realistic way to change your life”. - John P



“After having a hypnotic gastric band fitted by Tony, I lost 1st 1lb In the first 11 days and am going strong after struggling for years with my weight”. - John C



“I gained weight after my wedding and felt constantly bloated, I needed to get control of my snacking and portion control. Tony expelled the myths around some of the excuses we use for indulgent behaviour around food. It made me realise I needed a bit of help, I have already lost one and a half stone and I am now lighter than I was on my wedding day, that is an incredible feeling”. - Nic H



“I had honestly tried and failed a thousand times, tony felt like a desperate last chance. He made me feel relaxed and calm very quickly, he was polite, attentive and professional. I am over 2 stone lighter and still going, and I feel fabulous”. - Deb H



"I just can't thank Tony enough. In less then 3 months I'm fitting into clothes I haven't been able to fit into in years! I had tried hypnosis in the past which didn't work for me, but I can honestly say that the whole experience has been extremely easy and very relaxing. I would highly recommend anyone who has tried all the diets to not give up and give Tony a call” - Sandra H



“At first, I couldn’t imagine how you could use hypnosis to lose weight; it was totally alien to me. When I first contacted Tony, something ‘clicked’ with me that if wasn’t about food; it was about ME. It’s a real confidence boost to me now, knowing that my body isn’t going to be an issue for me now, and for the rest of my life. It was nice to walk around on holiday, not feeling conscious of myself in a swimming costume; it’s a feeling I hadn’t had for a long, long time”. Annette D



"I feel so much better and cannot thank Tony enough for his support and continued contact with lots of encouragement. I would seriously recommend anyone to follow this new way of eating and life." - Pam C



"After 1 week, I got weighed, couldn’t believe it ... I had lost 5 1bs! Never in my life had I lost so much weight in a week! ... I am now on week 7 and guess what .... I have lost an amazing 15 1bs in 6weeks!!!! I feel healthier, am automatically putting smaller potions on my plate, drinking lots of water and even walking faster! If you are having any doubts about hypnosis ... DO IT! ... BELIEVE ME, IT WILL BE THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT YOU COULD GIVE YOURSELF!!!" - Carol R



"I can't thank Tony enough as my daughter has tried dieting so many times over the years and this is the only time she has managed it effortlessly!!!". - Karen R



"I can’t believe that just 5 weeks down the line since I first emailed you, I'd be sat here emailing you once more to thank you for your help and expertise in getting me to where I am today. The transformation in my lifestyle now is a complete reversal to what it was just over a month ago and I can't thank you enough for it". - Peter M



“A month ago I made the decision to explore hypnotherapy as a means of changing my eating habits and losing weight. The benefits I have received from the amazing support I have received from Tony Schofield, have gone far beyond those goals and his empathetic and supportive style has enabled me to rediscover the more confident person that has laid dormant for some time and to feel good about myself in general. With his help I have also reawakened the belief that I have the power within me to develop my career further - the possibilities are endless (thank you Tony from the bottom of my heart!!)” - Jane A



".... It’s amazing how much more positive I feel. The hill I thought I would be climbing was only a small pebble. Hope the next challenge is as easy!". - Janet D



“……… After attending a few aerobics classes, I bought a bike and now cycle to work. I can't believe how much better I feel, having currently lost 17 lbs. I have much more energy and do recommend this treatment to everyone, I really do”. - Ruth B



"……… Before I was due to go home, I felt a bit peckish so I decided to buy a packet of crisps, making sure there were only a small amount of calories in them. When we set off home, I became hungrier, so along with my friends I pulled the packet of crisps out. But as everyone else opened theirs and began eating them, I just sat there, staring at the packet in my hand. I was unable to open them !!" - Jody R



"I’m about 4 weeks into my new lifestyle now and although the 16 lbs I've lost may not seem a lot to some people, to me it's amazing. I've got bags of energy, feel fantastic and my self esteem has gone through the roof. What’s more, I can now easily put my socks on in a morning without breaking into a sweat". - Pete R



"I read a feature on Tony in the newspaper and I thought why not try a different approach. And boy has it been different. I have been so focused I can hardly believe it. The weight has dropped off, a total of 1st 6lbs in less than two months and I look & feel totally different". - Carolyn E



"Thanks Tony, you have turned a sceptic into a believer. Hypnosis in the right hands does work! Thanks," - Margaret H



"I would like to say thank you for setting me free from a diet trap of 20 years! – Never again will I go to Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley or Scottish Slimmers!" - Amanda W



"I was amazed when I no longer felt like eating as much and also, I was leaving food and gradually over the months that followed, I have lost 2 stones and feel better, even to the point of going swimming twice a week, a thing unheard of in the past. Today, I got into an outfit I bought 3 years ago, that didn't fit until now! Tony has changed our lives. People remark on how well we look and are amazed at the weight loss. We have so much to thank Tony for and I would urge anyone who wants to lose weight to give it a go". - Dot P



"After contacting Tony my life has changed considerably. I now do not snack, I am full after the smallest portions and my eating has really slowed down". - Nicola H



“In the past, I had lost weight, but it always crept back on as soon as I started to lead a ‘normal’ life again. I could hardly believe the transformation after contacting Tony. I lost two stone in two months which really is amazing. I’m feeling so much more confident and attractive, I’m bursting with energy and I’m even looking forward to treating myself to a new wardrobe! My portion sizes have decreased by at least half and I’m not craving or thinking about food during the day anymore!" - Anna M



".… that’s when I decided to get in touch with Tony for hypno band and boy am I glad I did!!!!! After 10 days in Turkey, I returned not having put on any weight …… a first for me! I was in actually in control... As I was stood waiting for my friend, I glanced at this person in the shop window and thought, 'If only I could look that slim – I wish!!' Then I realized, it was me!!!!!!" - Julie C



“Hypnosis has been the easiest thing because I don’t feel like I’ve been on a diet and I don’t feel like I’ve had to deprive myself of anything. It’s like the ‘thinking’ has gone on in the background and I’ve just automatically been eating sensibly. I’ve even joined a gym! Never been to a gym in my life until I started with hypnosis. Of course I was a little wary at first, but it turned out to be nothing to be afraid of. I would say to anyone – Go For It!” - Fiona W



"Just after being hypnotised, I cleaned out my fridge and now I keep everything in white plastic boxes with lids. My reasoning is simple. When I open the fridge nothing ‘jumps’ out at me and says EAT ME NOW!!!" - Elaine A



"Tony was very good at quickly putting me at ease, explaining exactly what would happen. The hypnosis itself is almost dream-like. Very, very relaxing indeed. Quite literally the next morning, I noticed differences in my attitude to and with my relationship with was that quick! ….. Four or so weeks down the line and the weight has dropped off, without me really thinking about it. I know this may sound incredible but it's true!!! I've lost nearly 11lbs and look and feel better than I've done for years, and the best thing is I've not been dieting!!!" - Mandy A



"After being seriously ill 10 years ago I put on a lot of weight. I have tried every which way to loose weight but to no avail. Then my sister mentioned about Tony to have a look at his web site and to seriously consider hypnosis. I was very sceptical and if I'm honest a bit scared. Then I spoke to Tony on the phone and immediately felt at ease. I knew instantly I had made the right decision. Little did I know at this point how dramatically my life would change. Not just with weight loss but with growing confidence and a new outlook on every aspect of my life.


My first hypnosis session I did feel a bit nervous but there was absolutely nothing to worry about. I was totally aware of everything and I was the most relaxed I have ever been. I felt so positive and knew I had found the answer to my prayers. After hypnosis, you know logically you don't have a gastric band fitted but in your sub conscious you have which helps you make the right decisions without even thinking about it - so easy. With the regular top up sessions in the week via the CD's that Tony gives you, you are fully equipped for your weight loss journey. I will say though your success is totally in your hands so you have to believe it is going to happen. You will surprise yourself with the good choices you make without even thinking about it. After a couple of weeks just take a glance in your trolley when shopping and it will be full of healthy food.


Also you will notice your craving for water which will become your best friend and the key to your weight loss. Now for the best bit I have lost 4 Stone!!!!! In less than a year!!! My life has totally changed, I have met my someone special and we got engaged on Christmas Day, I got a new job which I love, I have made lots more friends, my confidence has grown but not so I am cocky just that I feel better about myself. I never could of dreamt how good the results have been. I still have a way to go yet but I know I will definitely get there and there is no going back for me. Tony is fantastic and is there for you every step of the way with help and support, nothing is too much trouble. You do get the odd time when you struggle but Tony has the knack of turning it around and flipping it in to a positive. I would 110% recommend Tony to anybody. Go for it, change your life and reap the rewards." - Sarah P


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